Stroller Hook - Faux Leather Style Stroller Hooks for Hanging Purse, Diaper Bags | Strong and Large Stroller Clips - Perfect Stroller Organizer for Baby Shower Favors or Gifts - Pack of 2

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About the product:

  • Light-Weight & Portable: Built with industrial-grade aluminium, our stroller hooks come with a secure, adjustable strap to overcome the challenge of keeping your stuff in place while riding your baby in a stroller. With these stroller hooks for hanging, you can securely hang your little one's diaper bags, grocery bags, snacks, handbags, toys, & other essentials without having the fear of sliding or slipping things around.
  • Easy Attachment: Comfortable and agile, our stroller straps are super-easy to attach and remove. You don't have to break your back anymore trying to carry everything in your hands or on your shoulder. Our stroller hook set is more like a third hand - the more you'll use it, the more you'll love it, especially when strolling around with your child.
  • Hassle-Free Outings: Getting outside with your child may become frustrating when you have to stop every minute or two to pick the dropped items up. A stroller clip set is all that you need for your peace of mind. Just fit it onto any stroller handle and enjoy your outings to your fullest even on the rough tracks.
  • Versatile Usage: Due to their enhanced durability, high strength, & load-bearing capacity, they go very well with any type of shopping trolleys, prams, wheelchairs, pushchairs, backpacks, and more. Plus, they can also be used as carabiner clip, or hang on bicycle handlebar.
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Why put yourself in hassle when stroller hooks are there to complement your journey - especially when you're out with your little one?

As much as kids love to drop things off their strollers and prams, these stroller clips do whatever it takes to improve your strolling & shopping experience.

These non-slip adjustable stroller straps for diaper bag have, indeed, made every parent's life a lot easier, so much so that you can carry a multitude of things - snacks, toys, wipes, bottles, groceries, shopping bags, and whatnot - with style and ease.

Made up of heavy-duty aluminum, these stroller clips for bags offer a hand-free control to the user. You don't really have to carry items in your hands anymore. Hang your essentials up and you're good to go.

Not just for baby strollers, they are well-compatible with highchairs, prams, wheelchairs, shopping carts, travelling bags, etc.

They help ensure that once you clip your important stuff with the stroller or trolley bar, it stays in place till you move or detach the carabiner clip yourself.

It's a multi-use product that's certainly useful anywhere you feel you want a hook - whether you're in a park, restaurant, shop, or on a tour.

Look no further! Add it to your must-have stroller accessories and enjoy the tons of benefits it offers.

Grab one for your friend too and makes a great Baby Shower Gifts 🎁

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sturdy and looks nice

Easy to install, fits well, look good in the stroller and is very sturdy, can hold a lot of weight. Very good quality and a great tool to have! I use it to carry the diaperbag and any shopping bag.

Held our Heavy Backpack on Stroller

So impressed with these stroller hooks. We recently went to Disney and needed something to hold our heavy diaper bag so we didn’t have to wear them in the heat all day. These worked perfectly and held up during our entire trip. The stroller never tipped and it kept our bags off the ground and off our backs..

Strong and sturdy

These are nice and strong. They secure easily to the stroller and the clasps do not open while in use.

A must have, great product!

This is so handy - makes me wonder why I didn’t get some earlier! The Velcro enclosure that connects the hook to the stroller bar is very wide and sturdy, and allows you to use it on multiple style of strollers that may have different width of a handle bar.

I hung my purse onto the hook and kept the diaper backpack underneath the stroller, and it makes it one less thing for me to carry. I’ve also connected my reusable water bottle while on a walk, as the bottle is too wide for the cup holder slot so it was perfect.

Initially I was worried that hanging my purse off the stroller bar would cause the stroller to tip over, but nope. My purse isn’t a dainty one, and it balanced it just fine. One of those things that all moms should have but didn’t realize you needed!

Sam B.
great velcro

This is actually way better than I had expected. It's made really well and is super sturdy. I'd trust it with more than just my stroller- I was actually thinking about using it in my tent to hold random things I don't want on the ground... like the lantern? A child? I dunno... anyhow, these are seriously strong and look sleek. I'm a fan.